5 Bob A Loon HD Cluster Kit


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5 Bob A Loon HD (Heavy Duty) Cluster Kit


89″ Tall – Specially engineered plastic polymers with metallic flake keep them looking shiny, brilliant, and fade- free for months to years! These are the only internally seamless air- filled permanent and reusable balloons on the market today. Whether you are in an arctic, tropical or extremely windy region, no balloon can stand up to the elements better than our HD Balloons

Kit includes:

5 –  18″ HD Balloons in any color
5 –  Upper Holding Cups
5 –  41″ Flexible Fiberglass Stems with Security Screws
1 –  Thick, 48″ Aluminum Cluster Pole with Brackets
1 –  Mounting Option of Your Choice: Ground Mount, Double Weighted Bases, Rotating Ground Spike, Brackets w/ Screws, or Brackets w/ Bands

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