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Due to the quality and price difference between bobaloons & bobaloonHD’s, we now only carry the Heavy Duty line, to make it easier on all of us. 🙂

Specially engineered plastic polymers with metallic flake keep them looking shiny, brilliant, and fade- free for months to years! These are the only internally seamless air-filled permanent and reusable balloons on the market today. Whether you are in an arctic, tropical or extremely windy region, no balloon can stand up to the elements better than our Bob A Loon HD®.


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Logomats: DigiPrint & SuperScrape

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Digiprint vs Digiprint HD  whats the difference?

Digiprint = a spot color process – 26 oz. carpet – 25 standard colors available – cost effective when your logo is just a few spot colors.

HD = 10x the printing resolution of other mats – 32 oz. Carpet- 25% more yarn – Unlimited color options – Photo quality

DigiPrint Mats

DigiPrint mat is an indoor, nylon carpet top with 100% rubber backing. Your logo is dyed directly into the mat using Perma- Dye technology which boasts long- term color fastness. This mat is fully launder able and can be steam cleaned or hosed off and hung to dry. The DigiPrint mat is certified “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute. A great way to reduce slip and fall accidents and stop dirt at your door… with style! Great Indoor Solution and can be used outdoors if not in direct sunlight.

SuperScrape Mats

SuperScrape features a multi- colored image produced by molding a digitally printed thermoplastic material into a durable Nitrile Rubber base. The top- circular cleats scrape dirt, dust, and moisture from shoes and keep it from entering your building. Great Outdoor Solution!

Logomats Color Chart
Logomats Color Chart