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Welcome Regional’s and Managers, now you can create an account to manage orders, see histories, help with budgets, and make reorders a breeze!

Once your online cart order is received, you will receive a follow up quote/acknowledgement to confirm that all aspects of the order are correct.

We will then work directly with properties to ensure smooth order processes and turnarounds.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason as we smooth out the wrinkles of our new Cottonwood page.

Your feedback is important to us! Our goal is to make orders and reorders the easiest thing on your to do list!

  • Attention Flagbanners –  corporate colors are the Rust and Black solid color
  • Corporate ID Flags – (5×3 and 6×4- new shape design)
  • Custom Flagbanners – with marketing messages and property personalization
  • Bootleg/bandits signs – multiple marketing messages to pick from
  • Marketing Banners – Multiple marketing messages and property personalization
  • Bob-A-Loons – Non Helium Balloon clusters – excellent marketing attention-getters
  • Logo Mats – be sure to order them on this page to receive the proper discounts


The DIM Crew
Sarah, Kelly, Steve
Ph. 208-677-4414

P.S. if you are a new manager at a property that has already set up an account and do not have a login password.  Simply set one up for you.

Cottonwood Logo Flag

New Corporate Flag Design

  • 5′ long x 3′ off pole
  • 6′ long x 4′ off pole

Please confirm your pole allowances for correct fit prior to ordering

(Shown at left is 3×5 us flag, with 5×3′ Corp. ID Flag)

Attention Flagbanners & CW Flagbanners

Cottonwood Attention Flagbanners

Cottonwood  Custom Flagbanners

Marketing Banners & Bootleg Signs

Cottonwood Marketing Banners

Cottonwood Bootleg Signs

Logomats: Indoor & Outdoor

Click to Choose Your Logomat and Purchase