3 Bob A Loon HD Cluster Fence/Pole Kit


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3 Bob A Loon HD (Heavy Duty) Cluster Fence/Pole Kit


With your choice of three eye-catching reusable balloons, this kit is sure to draw attention from the sidewalk and the streets! The 3-Balloon Cluster Pole Kit is a lightweight and economical alternative to our top selling 5-Balloon Cluster. It stands at the same height of 7’7″ and is made of the same weather-resistant plastic! (Kit stands approximately 7’7″)


•   Staggered 3-balloon cluster visibility.
•   Mount anywhere with ground stake or weighted base.
•   A new spin on the cluster pole kit.
•   Kit stands approximately 7’7″

Kit includes:

3  18″ DuraBalloons® in any color
3  Upper Holding Cups
3  30″ Flexible Fiberglass Push-Button Stems with Security Screws
1  Thick, 48″ Aluminum Cluster Pole with Push-Button Cluster Bracket
1  Mounting Option of Your Choice: Brackets w/ Screws or Brackets w/ Bands



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