TELE-FLEX Adjustable 6’to21’Telescopic Fiberglass Poles -Many Uses


TELE-FLEX Adjustable Telescopic Fiberglass Pole

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TELE-FLEX Adjustable Telescopic Fiberglass Pole

Tele-FLEX is super easy to manage and has many versatile applications. This superior pole can be temporarily used or ground set for years of impact! Flag changes are simple and this pole can fly any small flag to a long blade or flagbanner.

Our telescoping poles are built to sway with the breeze to produce a dramatic and attention getting display. Each pole comes complete with a 24 inch PVC ground sleeve and easy to follow instructions.  The 15′ pole adjusts from 6’ to 15’. The 21′ pole adjust from 8’ to 21’.

Teleflex Pole

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